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Logistic Needs for Bali's Agung mountain refugees

The stock of logistic needs for the refugees in Rendang District is still safe for up to 4 days. For donors who want to donate, is expected to donate mattresses or mattress for the elderly and children.

Coordinator of Logistics for Rendang UPTD Refugee Station I Wayan Sudiarta said that logistics for the refugees at 49 points in Rendang Sub-district for the next four days is still sufficient.

Logistics that are still in the post include rice, sugar, coffee, instant noodles, kitchen spices, cooking oil and others.

"Logistics stock for the next four days is safe, and later in the afternoon will come logistics of 12 tons of rice," he said.

Sudiarta revealed that after logistics had been distributed to the refugees, then in two days it will again supply logistics to the Ampo Land Master Post. But for donors who want to donate, can donate mattress folding or mattress for the elderly and children.

"So far there are many donors who provide direct assistance to the posts," he added.

He said that currently refugees due to volcanoes of Mount Agung can already consume direct drinking water from drinking water machines installed by SAI Rescue. Sudiarta said water taken from the source underwent filtering or filtering of 4 stages. "So that on the four water tubes are clean of the particles and sterilization. So the water is ready for consumption, "he said.
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