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OIC: Donald Trump's decision has no legitimacy

BALINEWS.xyz | The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) announced that the City of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and rejected the unilateral decision of US president Donald Trump who declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The OIC also called on the international community to follow in his footsteps.

Muslim World leaders agreed at the OIC summit in Istanbul on Wednesday (13/12/17) asking all countries to support the Palestinian State and Jerusalem as the capital.

In a joint statement, the OIC stated that 57 member countries committed to keep seeking a peace solution between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The OIC also called on the United Nations to "end Israeli occupation" in Palestine and declared that the administration of US President Donald Trump was responsible for "all consequences if not deprived of this illegal decision".

"We consider that this dangerous statement, aimed at changing the legal status of the city, is no longer valid and has no legitimacy," the OIC said. (Niki Putune Sinten)

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