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Puan: Bali Ready to Greet New Year's Eve

BALINEWS | The Chinese government will immediately lift the tire travel issued due to eruption of Mount Agung.

The statement was made by China Committee DPP Asita Candra Halim, following Bali's relatively safe condition.

Previously, a number of Chinese airlines stopped the direct route to the island of Bali. About 30 regular direct flights and charter routes from cities in China to Bali every day, have been suspended due to the tire travel status issued by the Chinese Government.

But with the guarantee of Government Joko Widodo most likely China travel ban will be revoked before the turn of the year from the deadline of January 2018.

Earlier, Coordinating Minister for PMK Puan Maharani confirmed that the condition of tourism in Bali and its surrounding areas is fully recovered and ready to receive tourists who will celebrate New Year 2018.

"The condition of Bali tourism in general is normal. Everything is ready to accept the domestic and foreign tourists who will enjoy the New Year holidays 2018, "said Puan after the Cabinet Limited Meeting (Cabinet) at Werdhapura Hotel, Sanur Bali, Friday (22/12).

Based on monitoring results, after the eruption of Mount Agung, the hotels located in the area affected by eruption, mainly in Karangasem regency, have started their activities again to receive guests who will stay. In addition, tourists both local and foreign tourists have started visiting various tourist objects in Bali including in Karangasem.

"I invite the tourists to not hesitate to visit Bali to enjoy New Year's Eve 2018. Bali is very safe and ready to receive tourists," said Puan.

As a step to restore the condition of tourism in Bali after the eruption of Mount Agung, Puan will also coordinate with various ministries and related institutions in order to make the world of tourism in Bali can be improved again.

During this time China is the country's highest contributor to the visit of foreign tourists to this area. The number of foreign tourists arriving in Bali from January to October 2017 reached 1.3 million people or 26% of total foreign tourists to Bali in that period 5.02 million people.

Plt of Culture Kemenko PMK, Nyoman Shuida, contacted separately, invite tourism actors not focus on chasing foreign tourists from China. He invited the perpetrators again targeting Bali's mainstay tourists such as from Europe, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

"It can no longer focus on Chinese guests because of their country system like that, so it may be necessary to return to conventional guests of Japan, South Korea, Europe and Australia. Airline may have to backfire aiming for routes to the country, "he said.

Nyoman said the potential of foreign tourists from Europe, Korea and Japan and Australia can still close the decline of Chinese tourists.

"Especially if worked seriously, the number of foreign tourists outside China are still many," concluded Nyoman.

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