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The presence of Abdul Somad in Bali is disputed

BALINEWS.xyz | Some interfaith activists in Bali led by Gus Yadi, known as an NU activist in Bali, are suspected of coming to Bali Police to report Abdul Somad ustad today Thursday December 7, 2017 on suspicion of Blasphemy.

Reported by eramuslim.com, Case reported by Gus Yadi who is also a member of Patriot Garuda Nusantara is about the alleged blasphemy religion by Abdul Somad.

Together with Arif MK as representatives of mass organizations Sandi Murti and Gus Yadi reported Ustad Abdul Somad for insulting the symbol of one of the religions in the red cross sign of the ambulance car identified with the sign of the cross, as a symbol of the Christian religion.

On one occasion Ustad Abdul Somad gave a message about symbols in the ambulance to be replaced with stars and crescent moon, as a symbol of Islamic religion. And it became viral in sosmed, which resulted in the pros cons in the public.

According to Gus Yadi, it is very risky to divide the Ummah, both Muslims themselves, even other non-Muslim people. Considered to provoke SARA value. And that clearly violates the laws applicable in Indonesia.

The reporting of Ustad Abdul Somad is also related to the rejection of some elements of the group against the planned presence of Ustad Abdul Somad in Bali to fill some Islamic studies in a number of mosques in Denpasar.

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