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This Clarification of Abdul Shomad About Tabligh Akbar in Bali

The famous preacher from Riau, Ustadz Abdul Shomad (UAS), was rejected by a group of intolerant people in Bali. They until demonstration UAS to enter the hotel where UAS stay, Friday (08/12).

The intolerant group accused UAS of being an anti-Pancasila figure and asked him to pronounce a national pledge. Of course it was rejected by UAS, because he is a lecturer of Civil Servants (PNS) who have of course already passed the matter of Pancasila and NKRI.

After finishing his da'wah safari in Bali, 8-9 December, UAS finally made chronology and clarification according to his version. Chronology and clarification was made because post-event in Bali, said UAS, there are still people who raises the news in Medsos that he refused the pledge because it is true anti NKRI.

In addition, Muslims are also hurt because the intolerant group accused UAS did not dare to go back to Riau due to being inedible honorarium. "I convey this slander," said UAS.

The following Chronology and Clarification Ustaz Abdul Shomad more:

Thursday, December 7, 2017

I got news in the WA group (WhatsApp) that the KRB (Component of the Balinese People) stipulated that I was accepted in Bali if I wanted to pledge in the National House. I declined because:
a) I am not a rebel;
b) I am not registered in a forbidden organization;
c) I got an Egyptian-Indonesia scholarship in 1998 after graduating from Pancasila and P4.

I passed the civil servant test 2008 because it is not anti Pancasila. Up till now teaches nationality love from campus to remote village (picture attached).

Thursday, at 22:15

I'm WA Chairman of the Committee: "Sir, if they keep asking me national pledge, I'm not present." The Chairman of the Committee responded: "We are still in dialogue with the Regional Police."

Friday, December 8, 2017

Hours: 00.15

I WA Chairman of the Committee: "How sir, has there been a decision?".

Hours 04:17

WA Chairman of the Incoming Committee:

"We coordinate to various parties, tafadh-dhol Ustaz to leave ...".

I understand from this WA that the problem is clear.

Friday at: 13.00 we have been waiting for Mr. Nadlah at Denpasar Denpasar airport. We were taken to Aston hotel. Eat and rest.

Friday at 16:00

I was awakened. I suspect it will be trial. I ask the team to buy tickets, "We're going home, because this is out of the deal, It looks like we're framed".

I was taken to one of the rooms in the Aston hotel. There's been waiting about 10-15 people. They asked me to make a pledge. I clarify that all that is alleged to me is slander.

Because I refused to make a vow they said inappropriate words: "Ngeles!", "Like the PKI", "The committee brings the ustadz of elementary brains", "Come back!", Etc.

I chose to go home. I went back to the hotel room to get ready to go back to the airport.

Around 17:00

Chairman of PW NU Bali who from the beginning accompanied the thought of what will happen if I go home.

Aston said that the situation is not controlled, the hotel is not responsible if things happen that are not desired.

A fellow police officer came in to convey there was a back street of the hotel to the car if he wanted to leave the hotel because the front door was out of control.

Kapolres and Dandim enter. Ask to consider, save the ummah. In the mosque an-Nur there are 5000an pilgrims who are ready to come to Aston. At Aston heats up. The atmosphere is gripping.

Around 18:00

Bismillah. Me and everyone in the room to the initial mediation room. Mr. Kapolres gave a brief welcome.

Gus Yadi carries a flag, kissed everything in the room. Exit the room towards the hotel loby. Protesters rumbled. Strict escort.

The protesters kept shouting: "sing from the heart, not in the mouth!". Sing Indonesia Raya.

As they shook hands gripped and clutched my hands, over. Back to room.

After Isha. Towards an-Nur Mosque. Lecture 100 minutes. Jamaah enthusiast. Back to the hotel.

TvOne ask for livecall at 22.00 WIB.
I told him to calm the exciting Netizens: "I'm safe, I'm already at the hotel."

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The study of shubuh at the Baiturrahmah mosque went well. A full day of rest and welcome guests and pilgrims at the hotel.

By Maghrib present PWNU, Muhammadiyah, MUI Bali, GNPF, etc.
Ba'da Isya to the Baiturrahmah Mosque of the last great tabligh.

Sunday, December 10, 2017
After the shubuh prayer to the airport accompanied by MUI, GNPF, Police to the airport.

They still bring up the news in Medsos that I refused the pledge because it is true anti NKRI.

The Jamaah were hurt because they accused me of not daring to go home for being paid for. I convey this slander.

All honorarium in Bali I have returned to the Chairman of the Committee, We Riau people though not rich still grows a stem two staple of palm that deliver us to Cairo in 1998 when 1 Dollar Rp20.000.- because the fee charged to the students.

Please take legal action against those who have damaged the diversity maintained in Bali so far.

The presence of King Bali Dr. Ida Cokorde Pemecutan XI and some Hindu figures on a big tabligh last night proved that these prokators do not represent the people of Bali.

In order for Balinese Muslims to form the Bali Muslim Alliance to keep the intern and extern while maintaining harmony with Hindu Balinese brothers to anticipate the provocateurs who could harm harmony in the future.

NKRI Price Off

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