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Ustadz Abdul Somad: The Balinese King welcomes

BALINEWS.xyz | Regardless of the events of some people's rejection of his presence in a grand tabligh in one of the mosques in Bali, Ustadz Abdul Somad turned out to have an amazing experience.

The enthusiasm of the congregation of Balinese mosques who want to listen to his lectures.

No less than 5000 people fill the mosque.

Due to his tremendous antuasias, Ustadz Abdul Somad up to three times gave his religious tausiah.

"Alhamdulillah three times I lecture, Saturday night, Saturday morning and night ahad.Beautiful mosque.Even the administrators to say since the mosque was built in 1963 this new full tabligh akbar full," said Ustadz Abdul Somad shortly after landing at Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK ) II Pekanbaru, Sunday (10) 12/2017).

Regarding the issue of rejection, Ustadz Abdul Somad said it was done by a handful of people only.

"That Balinese people, Balinese Hindus is no problem, how the Bali bomb shaking is no problem, the king to eleven then also told me that the relationship is very good," said Ustadz Abdul Somad.

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