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Violence against journalists occurred in Lampung

BALINEWS.xyz | Again, violence against journalists was again on display. Hartoni, Head of SKH Bongkar Post Sub-Bureau of North Lampung Regency, was physically abused by security personnel during a field investigation related to the Lampung Province Public Works project, sourced from the 2017 budget.

The project is in the form of construction of concrete rigid road at Bandar Abung - Simpang Tujoh, Muara Sungkai Sub-district, North Lampung District, worth Rp4.5 billion, which was won by PT Karya Kamefada Wijaya Indonesia.

On Tuesday afternoon (5/12), Hartoni and two colleagues, Nofriyanto, Chairman of the Reform NGO and Rizal Head of the Merdeka News Bureau, conducted an investigation on the job site.

Toni, who was recording the work, allegedly incompatible with the terms of the contract, and two colleagues inquired about the project to one of the on-site job inspectors. Then, this overseer called someone, who turned out to be a security officer from the Mobile Brigade Unity (Brimob) Central Lampung Company, initials Ar. After a while, Ar came to the job site using a four-wheeled vehicle, which was also accompanied by several colleagues.

Ar, who was then dressed in civilian clothes, was known as a security apparatus, holding a rifle. Without a fight, Toni was immediately hit with a gun butt, kicked, and slapped, even the pockets of his shirt was torn due to Ar withdrawn to grab Toni's mobile phone in a blue shirt pocket.

On this issue, the Bongkar Post fully supports the completion of cases of violence experienced by Head of Bureau of North Lampung.

"This is the arrogance of the apparatus for the work of journalists, no security forces should have committed violence against civilians. Moreover, the victim is a journalist who is doing his work in the field, looking for information and confirm it to the news source.

However, who got a gunshot hit instead. This is what if not arrogant, "said Tika, Chief Editor of Bongkar Post, when visiting the victim, at the hospital, Wednesday (6/12) evening.

Victims, continued Tika, experienced trauma and shortness of breath, so it must be taken to the hospital. "The victim was to use a breath and oxygen aids, and some parts of her body were bruised and sore," she says.

According to him, what this security officer did was clearly out of tupoksi and violated the authority.

"Here is a violation of Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Press, where the security forces are blocking the duties of journalists, can be subject to criminal sanctions and fines," he said.

Meanwhile, UPT Region 4 Dinas PU Lampung Province, Mega Asli, when confirmed, even claimed not to know there is a concrete rigid road construction in Bandar Abung - Simpang Tujoh, District Muara Sungkai, North Lampung regency, worth Rp4, 5 billion, in 2017.

"I myself do not know there is a project here, I am new to this, when there is a problem like this," I Mega.

He also regretted the occurrence of violence against journalists who are carrying out their duties as a journalist. "I have told Kadis about this matter, that I was never told of a job package here (North Lampung, red), but when I want to disburse the PHO, I just contacted and asked for signature, this is what I do not want.

Once I refused to be told the signature PHO, I do not want in the future what I sign it was problematic, because surely there is a signature there that will be called. Well, this is what I coordinate with Kadis, "he explained.

Journalist: Agus Rahardja, Editorial of Sumatra Lampung

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